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PraiseFest Ministries and Hope for the World have partnered to offer the easiest and most impactful missions partnership program ever created. If you are a Christian music artist or a minister who speaks at churches & conferences, we have a great opportunity for you. This plan is also available for media that want to participate.

What makes it easy?

Most mission partnership programs require the partnering artist or speaker to ask individuals to make a monthly commitment. Our plan is much easier because we only ask people to make a one-time sponsorship. In recent surveys, we discovered that less than 10% of the adults attending a church service or event can make a monthly financial commitment. However, 88% of those same people said they can make a one-time financial sponsorship. We see a response rate of about 70% of the families in attendance to give toward the mission at a given presentation.

What is the mission impact?

Every $50 that is given provides at least one child with clean water for an estimated 10 years, along with the Gospel being presented to every person that is helped. Another portion of the funds are used to support the orphan care efforts of Hope for the World. Then another portion is used to SUPPORT YOUR MINISTRY as you minister across the United States and abroad.

For details on partnering with us, contact us here.

Partnering Artists, Speakers, and Media