Bringing Christians Together So That the World Will Know

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Churches & Ministries

Are you a Pastor or church leader that wants to see more of your members winning people to Christ? Our strategies are designed to also help your church to grow by reaching the unchurched in your community. That can only happen when your members are active in sharing their faith and inviting people to your church. PARTNER WITH US AND YOUR CHURCH WILL BE ADDED TO OUR PARTNERING CHURCHES AND MINISTRIES LIST BELOW.

Local Missions

Random Act of Kindness

If you want to see more of your members active in reaching the lost and unchurched in your community, we have created a way to make this easy, affordable, and most of all effective. We have developed a Gospel tract that is made on a gift envelope. The envelope is designed to hold a gift card that the person receiving the gift can use along with an information sheet and invitation to your church. The tracts are available in quantities of 12, 100, and 1000. Churches can challenge their members to present 1 tract to someone in need every month. A church can purchase the tracts in bulk and use them to challenge their members to reach their community. To see the video on Random Act of Kindness or and to get info on ordering tracts, click here.

Global Missions

Project Clean Water

We NEED churches that are willing to host a Clean Water Mission Day ONCE EVERY OTHER YEAR. What that means is that your church will allow PraiseFest Ministries just 5 minutes during a Sunday service at your convenience to share about our clean water effort that is saving lives and leading people to Christ by the thousands in more than 130 countries . We ask every family to sponsor at least one child with an estimated 10 years of clean water and the Gospel for a one time gift of just $50. That’s it! Your church can make a HUGE impact in several countries through one effort. For more info on Project Clean Water, click here. To Contact us about having church involved or to inquire on buying some of our filtration systems for your own mission trips and missionaries, contact us here.

Cruise With a Cause

Get your church involved in the World’s Largest Mission Trip. Jesus told us in John 17:23 that the “World would know who He is through our Unity”. That’s the strategy of Cruise with a Cause. We charter an entire cruise ship and turn it into a FAMILY FRIENDLY MISSION TRIP. Cruise with a Cause has seen tens of thousands of people saved in the countries we visit and we have seen well over 5000 people who have said that they led someone to Christ for the first time. If you want to provide your families with a soul winning mission trip they can do together and see more of your people active in soul winning, click here for more information. To get your church involved contact us here

Operation Matthew 25

Take something that you already have and no longer want, and use it to save lives and see people saved. This is a great mission project for your STUDENT MINISTRY or CHILDREN’S MINISTRY to take the lead. Every year, over 400 million shoes are sent to landfills in the United States. Your church simply collects old shoes from your members, community, etc and then we send a truck to pick them up. The shoes are used in countries where needed. We receive funding based on the weight of the shoes. That funding goes to support our Project Clean Water and leading people to Christ. We will also make a donation back to your church based on the weight of the shoes collected to thank you for helping. To see the video and get more info, click here To get your church involved or ask any questions, contact us here

Partnering Churches and Ministries