Bringing Christians Together So That the World Will Know

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One of our major goals at PraisFest Ministries is to provide Christians with creative ways to become more active soul winners. Most Christians want to share their faith and lead their friends, family, and community to Christ and we want to help you to be prepared as a soul winner. Here are some of the ways to get involved:

Cruise With a Cause

The ultimate foreign mission trip for individual, families, and church groups. Cruise with a Cause fills a fully chartered cruise ship with Christians that want to make a global impact. On board the ship are over 100 concerts and conferences led by some of the leading Christian artists and speakers in the world. There is something for everyone. Conferences are for adults, singles, students, children, men, women, and much more. When we arrive at our destination, we take Jesus to an entire country. You are trained on the ship and we go out to the schools, streets, hospitals, and prisons to share the Gospel. Click here for more info.

Project Clean Water

For a 1 time sponsorship of just $50, you can provide at least one child with clean water for an estimated 10 years. In many cases, entire families, orphanages, and small villages are impacted from just 1 sponsorship. Our team shares Jesus with every person that we help. To sponsor Clean Water today, click here

Random Act of Kindness

No matter your previous experience in sharing your faith, we have developed a Gospel tract that makes it easy for you. The tract is an envelope that is designed to include a small gift for the person that you witness to. We are challenging every Christian to buy a 12 pack for just $5, and then give one away every month. For information and to see the video that shows how to use the tract, click here.

Bible Sponsorship

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